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Blog Author: Catherina Murphy

What’s to love about iOS 8

Catherina Murphy

Posted: September 24, 2014

So, the new iOS 8 came out last week, and though I was a little wary in what that update would entail (the update looked major, taking an eternity to download), I must say, Apple did a nice job this time around.

Last Known Location
Of all the new iOS 8 features, the ability to send one last ‘ping’ before my phone completely runs out of juice to aid the ‘Find my iPhone’ process is simply priceless.  I cannot count how many times my daughter would inform me that ‘I left my phone somewhere and I have no idea where it is….and it’s probably dead by now.’ This declaration would precipitate a hunt that would involve digging my hands into all the cushions in my couches, loungers and beds, checking underneath all the seats in our vehicles, and culminating in a trip to her two best friends’ houses (inconveniently located at opposite ends of the city).  Then, possibly back to centre city where she works…. Well, you get the picture.

Preview on Calendar
So, what is the possibility that perhaps Apple read my last rant about the calendar in my blog, Woes and Joys of the New iOS 7 ?  Hmm… probably unlikely. But I can pretend that they actually ‘listened’ to busy moms like myself.  The calendar in iOS 8 certainly seems as though there was some maternal influences in its development. Calendar now features a preview button (the little computer-looking icon on the top of the screen).  With this feature, I can now see the list of appointments underneath my calendar, associated to each of the “dotted” date that I tapped, giving me a bird’s eye view of all upcoming meetings and appointments! Woohoo!

Preview on Calendar - What’s to love about iOS 8

Putting Words in Your “Mouth”
The minute I introduced the iOS 8 update to our beloved boss, Pat Mackey, he told me that the intuitive word suggestion feature for texting alone is worth the update. And he is right (just don’t tell him).  I must have doubled my texting speed since the update! It can be spooky in its intuitive powers – as if Apple had somehow invaded my brain and predicted exactly what I was going to say!

Favs on the Double
I can admit that not everyone finds the Favourites feature convenient. I am one of those people who take forever to locate things and when I call home at the end of my work day, it drives me crazy that I have to look up the entry among my other favourites. Siri helps, sometimes – but noisy supermarkets and crowded malls can be challenging for Siri.  iOS 8, however, presents me with a convenient series of contacts (with pictures) on the top of my screen when I double-press on my home button.  Best of all, it lists the numbers I call the most recent first!  Smart thinking!

Smart Conveniences
From the ability to respond to text directly in the notification area, to displaying the most recently snapped photos (in addition to the traditional link to the photo library) when attaching a photo to a text message, Apple has done a great job in anticipating my needs and endeavouring to make my life easier.  True, the removal of Camera Roll was a tad irritating, but I am willing to overlook this wee bit of frustration in order to enjoy all the other iOS 8 perks!

Most recent photo at your finger tips - What’s to love about iOS 8

Oh, and did I mention that you can horizontally scroll through the “most recently snapped photos” to see the less recent ones?

I could go on but just keep up the good work, Apple! And for my part, I will stop musing about switching back to an Android phone. iOS 7 is just a distant memory.