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Blog Author: Sharla Nurse

A Day in the Life of an OPEN Account Executive

Sharla Nurse

Posted: October 25, 2013

I wanted to write about a typical day in the life of an OPEN Account Executive but then I realized that there is nothing ‘typical’ about a day at the office as no two days are alike - there are many curveballs thrown my way and many hats to be worn!

8:30am – Arrive in the office, grab something quick for breakfast, some much needed caffeine and make a head start on the day. I take this time to sift through emails sent overnight and to respond to any team or client questions if necessary and to write out a priority to-do list.

9:00am – Once the creative team gets in we meet to discuss the ongoing projects and where they fall in the priority list. Decide which project deliverables are most important to get out the door to ensure we are meeting and managing client expectations.

9:30am – Prepare client briefs for the technical and creative teams to reference for the required project components. Sending them out to the team to make sure they have everything they need with respect to client expectations and scope of work before diving into a project.

10:00am – Proofread a client proposal that needs to be sent by end of day. Send the revisions to the team to review before sending to the client. Double check that the project deliverables are achievable in terms of timing and resources.

10:30am – Urgent call from the printers who are unable to print the brochures by end of day that were promised to us two weeks ago. Put out the fire by calling the client and explaining the situation and to let them know that we were able to get a discount on the printing costs due to the inconvenience.

11:00am – Receive an email from the creative team with a mock-up of highway signage of a locally owned company to send to the client for approval. Wait – there’s no address listed on the sign? Have a lengthy discussion on if there needs to be an address on a sign as the creative team believes it will take away from the aesthetic. What were these creative guys thinking?

11:30am – Creating a content deck and a wireframe for a website we are building. Comparing the wireframe against the client’s existing website to make sure all necessary information is readily available to users. Making suggestions to add/remove items from the navigation and site map to provide an intuitive and friendly user experience.

12:30pm – Read through the emails that I have been getting throughout the day while I scarf down a salad for lunch. Respond to anything that requires an immediate response.

1:00pm – Conference call to discuss with a client the next steps for the brand development to be put together over the next couple of weeks. Request any additional information we need before we are able to complete the project. Talk about the timelines and ensure the client that we are within budget.

2:00pm – Receive an invoice from a vendor that is $9,000 over the original estimated cost. Call the vendor to discuss the discrepancies and evaluate how such a simple project went off the rails.

2:30pm - Research local competitors for a client who we are putting together a marketing and communications strategy for. Compile a list of brand attributes and examples of advertisements that may work for the product offering

3:30pm - The next hour is taken up with important administrative tasks. Knee-deep in Excel spreadsheets to keep on top of billing to track project budgets as there are so many projects going on at once. Making sure accounts payable and receivable are up to date is essential to keep the cash flow moving.

4:30pm – Provide an update on client work to the Senior Account Manager so that the items can be checked off the monumental to-do list and the list of priorities can be modified for the rest of the week.

5:00pm – Finish sending emails to clue up the client work that was completed during the day. Making sure clients are aware of the status of their projects and expected delivery date.

5:30pm – Write the blog you are reading now!

I cannot believe how quickly the day has flown by. Is it seriously 6:00pm? As the saying goes, ‘Time flies when you are having fun!’ Every day is different, rewarding and most importantly, fun!