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It’s not only about understanding the clients’ needs and goals, but fully grasping the potential of their markets. Bridging that divide is pure magic.

Pat Mackey, President
OPEN Communications


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There is something terribly refreshing about an open conversation. The connection is almost always immediate and genuine. There is the distinct lack of barriers, subterfuge or misdirection. You grasp the full meaning of what is said and it registers. The only agenda appears to be creating a bond of understanding. And even when it’s over, its essence lingers like a warm memory.

Though it seems simple enough, we all know from experience that it is anything but simple, or easy. This is even more so for companies. The marketplace can be a minefield for even the best of communications intentions. Broad demographic spreads, competing expectations, cultural nuance are but a few of the challenges you need to successfully navigate to establish genuine, lasting connections with your customers. And there is no off-the-shelf answers. You really have to work at it.

We started OPEN Communications on the premise that there are three essential pillars to better, more impactful and effective conversations with target consumers: an open work environment to maximize productivity; an open relationship with our clients for greater transparency and efficiency; and an open resource base, allowing us to partner with the best talent to produce the best results.

Pat Mackey, Founder, OPEN Communications

It starts with open work environment. Many agencies compartmentalize their work processes, creating unnecessary barriers to effective development. OPEN Communications utilizes the efficiencies of a work environment devoid of borders, where ideas and concepts communicate freely, producing better, more creative solutions, far more efficiently.

Through our OPEN client relations, we involve our clients more closely with their own development processes, avoiding the inevitable “what are they up to now?” scenarios that bedevil many agency/client relationships. It’s all about access: to the process; to your work; and to the resources tasked to propagation and production. Transparency in the work flow begets stronger, more targeted solutions and stronger, more entrenched client relationships.

Adding to these strengths is our OPEN resource pool of talent, skill sets readily accessible to ensure the very best resources are applied to optimize results. OPEN Communications understands that the success of each initiative demands unique solutions. Through our network of development partners, we can tailor the best mix of talent and expertise to secure the most effective results.

That is the true magic of OPEN Communications. We are not interested in empty bravado or blather, but sound strategies that generate tangible, measurable returns on our client’s investment dollars. Our goal is to offer an entirely different experience in marketing, advertising, communications, strategy and design. A very OPEN experience. Reach out to us and learn how much of a difference that can mean for you.